Monday, 21 November 2016


Welcome to my P.E Blog Post. I will be telling you all what I have been doing for p.e. I have been playing with skipping ropes. I am pretty good but I'm not the best. There are heaps of tricks. There are the long rope and just the no-ml old sadly there was int that match to tall you THANK YOU for reading by.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Literacy blog post

Star wars Episode 1
Go Anacin you can win this what look at Grotto he's cutting Anacin's pod
Raser ob1” he'll never make it yes he will with the force but that's cheating
321 race. Crewmen the sound of a pod racer. anaikin” I'm winning this one
Grotto” gr 5 awers later Anacin sky walker win,s so now he can go
Be  Trained to be a Jedi. let's go Anacin look there is the ship. Wash
It,s a get in the ship Anacin and tall ob1 to start the ship and I'll fight this sith zap zap zap OK I'm ready to get on the ship Ob1” OK get on. And they fly into the galaxy!!

i am proud of this because how long this took to write it. It was really fun. Thank you for reading. Bye