Monday, 29 February 2016

My first blog post

Welcome to my blog 2016 my Name is Luke T, hi guys 2 years ago I went to a Lego competition it was at
Toy World in Napier. The prizes were 2 Lego Moon buggy badges, 3 Lego star wars posters, 1 Lego city poster and 1 Lego chema key ring. The Lego man and my Dad and me are friends, he owns Toy World.

I like school because I Love school,
it is cool.

2 years ago me and my family went to splash planet and we went into the lazy river and it was fun and I nearly drowned!

In my family I have my Mum called Jess, my Dad called Chris and me Luke!
My pets are: 2 parrots, a Dog, 1 Cat and 5 Fish!

This is my best friend, his name is Keagan

welcome to 2016 blog