Thursday, 11 August 2016

Holidays blog post

Welcome to my blog post. I went to the movies 3 times. I went to see the B.F.G and
Ghostbusters and Finding Dory. My friend Keagan come over and we went to hot chick
                  it was so cool. We went to the pools. I went on the diving board. I went over to                  Keagan's house. We played Nerf it was so fun. After that we were so tired so we 
                played the wii. I whop you liked my blog post.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Learning blog post

Welcome to my learning blog post. I am doing Olympics project and I am doing a new boxing glove and it's going to be so cool. There are going to be springs that make you go back and little spikes that give you scatches.
We have been playing around with Lego in the Hall. It was really FUN you hat to build a robot.
Lego is my favorite thing. My teachers are Mr.M Mrs.Love and Mrs.Carr. Thank you for reading.`
This is LEGO Star Wars